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Our mission is to be an extension of a Christian home, aiding parents in giving their children a Biblical worldview through education. Legacy Christian Academy exists to provide excellent academic instruction that is consistent with Biblical truth and which honors the name of Christ.

Student Life

Students will be encouraged to adopt the Vision and Values of LCA. Biblical Truth will be the foundation of every curriculum and learning experience your child will experience as we also strive for Excellence. Students will be encouraged to learn their God-given gifts and talents and how to use them to serve others in their homes, churches and communities. Integrity MUST be reflected in all aspects of the school, students and staff. Your child will build lasting relationships that will build them up to become the spiritual leaders they are called to be.

Open Enrollment

Legacy Christian Academy is now accepting applications for Open Enrollment. Click on the link below for the Application Packet, and to learn more about Tuition/Fee Schedule. Please note that we have a limited amount of Scholarships available. They will be on a first come first serve basis.

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